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Cave of Secrets Part 2

The party is still exploring the dungeon beyond the Cave of Secrets.  Fisk's consciousness is located in his eyes, which have slid out of his comatose body.  He learns that his roaming eyes can move about, sliding through other materials like floors and walls.

The party forces its way through the door that Fisk and Sotor were working on, chipping a hole through it and lifting the bar.  They discover a hallway finished with worked stone blocks and are startled as the ceiling magically illuminates.  Searching one end of the hallway they find a secret passage leading to a steep descending staircase.

At the bottom of the staircase there's a natural passage, and as they follow it they are attacked by small robed men of childlike stature.  The robed figures attack from invisibility with poisoned knives and darts, but the party quickly overwhelms them.  When they pull back the figures' hoods they find them misshapen, fetal, with features squashed down into the bottom of their faces and their big domed heads studded with many sets of mismatched eyes that flee onto the floor like Fisk's eyes do and slide away into shadows and cracks and up the walls and ceiling.

The passage leads to the bottom of the bone pit where they found Minnerette.  They take another look at the bones and find many of the skulls have no eye sockets, and big earthworms are crawling in the decaying corpses.

Returning to the passage and exploring the other end of it, the party finds a steep ascent.  At the top of the passage is a set of iron rungs in the wall.  The party climbs up to a small room with a carpet thrown back over a trap door.  The walls are finished with cut stone blocks and as the party enters the ceiling flares into illumination as the hallway they discovered before did.

There's a hallway leading out of the room, and as the party goes down it they meet a pair of eyes sliding through the floor.  They almost smash the eyes, but Kalanderion (?) the dwarf steps forward and studies them.  They are dwarven eyes – the eyes of the dwarf lying comatose in the Cave of Secrets!  They let the dwarf eyes root in Aptos' shield.

At the end of the hallway there's a large room filled with all the gear and clothing stolen from the victims of the cave over some unknown length of time.  The party delightedly begins trying things on, spending many minutes in the room hefting new weapons and bagging up new gear.  Before they can regain their momentum, though, they are discovered by a roving band of weird cyclopean bird-women!  In the mayhem that follows, several of the henchmen are slain… but so is Minnerette himself, a founding member of the party and its only wizard!


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